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Social Media Marketing and Business Statistics

  •   Instagram has a monthly active user base of 1 billion people, 500 million of whom use Instagram Stories.
  •   Marketers repurpose content across several social media networks in 82 percent of cases.
  •   The quality of social media posts, according to 83 percent of marketers, is more significant than the quantity.
  •   54% of social browsers use social media to do product research.
  •   Facebook Stories has a daily audience of 500 million viewers.
Know Your Goals
You are a business owner, does not matter small or big enterprise but you are dreaming of success every night you fall asleep. But do you know that success could only be reached if you know what you want? Before you seek the guidance of SMO Services In Noida, you must know what are your objectives in life, how could they be achieved, and more so?
    Well, here are a few queries that you must resolve to know yourself and your business thoroughly.
  •   What is the objective of your business?
  •   Is your business fulfilling public demand?
  •   What sets your brand apart from others?
  •   Which are some marketing strategies to follow when collaborating with a Social Media Agency Noida?
Marketing with social media : How You Can Reach Your Goals?
    Associating with the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Noida can benefit your brand in numerous ways. Find out for yourself.
  •    Increase website traffic
  •    Build more conversion rate
  •   Create brand identity
  •   Improve communication and interaction with your targeted customers
  • Scale-up personalized marketing strategies with our Best Social Media Marketing Company In Noida. Our agency improves the quality of your content to attract more customers.

Why RankArt

Rankarts is a full social media management company that offers all social media services such as Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, LinkedInmarketing, quora marketing, page monitoring and responding, online conversations, collaborating with influencers, distributing content for all social media handles, etc. To know all about our services contact Rankarts, the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Noida. We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for clients on all possible social media handles such as Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora.

100% Client Satisfaction

At the Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Noida, we guarantee your complete client fulfillment. As an experienced firm, Rankarts knows how to stay on top of google's constantly changing algorithm. We assure you that only our SMO Marketing Company In Noida never lacks in their service.

On-time Delivery

On-time delivery is one of the most significant challenges that businesses confront, but not with our Facebook Advertising Company Noida. The product is delivered on time in accordance with our clients' deadlines.

Consistent Reports

Rankarts team is well known for its consistency. You can therefore be sure of your projects' accuracy and consistency when you sign up for SMM Services In Noida.

Services We Provide

We at Rankarts, a leading and the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Noida offer the following major services.

Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing grows brand awareness and introduces new products among audiences more effectively within a short time. As per data analysis, almost 130 million Instagram users are engaged with shopping pages. Our Social Media Marketing Noida firm allows you to promote your products and services every day, 24x7.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing primarily helps you grow through a targeted market penetration strategy to expand your current market presence. Our Social media Marketing In Noida uses several strategic tools such as Agora Pulse, Conversation Score, Facebook Page Barometer, and more to highlight the presence of your brand among the audience.

Linkedin and Quora marketing

Linkedin has helped 45% of the marketers with customer acquisition. Even though when we think of social media platforms Linkedin and quora come in the last of the list, Linkedin and Quora generate lead 277% more effective than other social media platforms.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the crucial promoting services in online marketing. They show the presence of your brand in users’ search engines and other social media feeds. Google Ads are the best product to promote your business and sell your services in the online market.

Our Achievements

Social Media Services In Noida provider Rankarts has worked with a range of clients. We have driven over lacs of leads for clients through our SMO Services Noida. We serve our clients in many ways such as brand awareness, building relationships and partnerships, and website exposure.

44 %
Increased sales
68 %
conversion rate
56 %
repeated customers
40,000 +
active users

Our Projects

How does Social Media help?

From strategy development to social content creation SMO Services Noida can provide you with everything. Take a look at the points below to find out more.

Enhanced Search Engine Rankings
Better client satisfaction
Promote products with no bar
Build brand awareness
Increase engagement
Networking and partnerships

Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings are very important to achieve a higher traffic audience for your brand. Social Media statistics claim that 58% of the marketers have noticed improved ranking on search engines through social media platforms.

Better client satisfaction

By adding social media handles to your brand, social media platforms humanize it. Customers appreciate your brand when they get replies to their feedback through comments or direct messages. Communicating to the customers provides them with a better experience.

Promote products with no bar

The experts at our SMM Services In Noida, Rankarts promote your brand 24x7 using social media handles.

Build brand awareness

You can spread the awareness of your brand both across the nation and overseas using social media platforms.

Increase engagement

Linking your brand website to social media handles can do wonders for your business growth. Social media enables you to build a huge network with users and engage them on the main website.

Networking and partnerships

Social media makes it so much easier to form a network and collaborate with other businesses. By using social media, you can communicate and build potential business partnerships.

Customer Review

Rahul Dev

It's an incredible and the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Noida with incredible people. They came to me and explained everything in detail, as well as what I was doing improperly and how they might correct it to increase traffic to my website. I would strongly recommend Rankarts to anyone serious about business and web marketing.


My experience with this Social Media Marketing Company Noida was fantastic. The workforce is exceptionally well-organized, and everything is clearly laid out for us. Their process was excellent, and the project turnaround was lightning fast.

Payal Rajpoot

Working with the Rankarts team was a major boon! They are always quick to respond and offer us advice on how to strengthen our internet visibility in the food and beverage business. They were a huge help because they took care of our Instagram and Facebook accounts and we didn't have to worry about anything. They will undoubtedly be recommended!

Ishan malviya

Rankarts and its staff are a group of very skilled and enthusiastic individuals who have done an outstanding job assisting us in establishing a digital presence in the local market. This Facebook marketing company in Noida will always be appreciated.

Aarti Shukla

Over the course of six months, we observed a 350% increase in traffic and quality leads. Rankarts provide top-notch Social Media Marketing Services In Noida and the team did an excellent job with SEM, SEO, and Facebook promotion.

Why social media marketing ?

Why Social Media Marketing?

  •   On average, 200 million Instagram users view one business profile per day.
  •   A daily average of 500+ million people are browsing brands
  •   More than 130 million people use the shoppable tag each month
  •   90% of marketers believe that digital marketing has increased their brand exposure.
  •   75% of marketers have noticed increased traffic to their websites.

Social media users number has increased by 13% over the past year, 2021, which makes 4.2 billion of total social media users. Our SMO Services In Noida highly impact your brand recognition, customer engagement, online revenue, and customer service. About 59% of the world’s population uses one of the social media platforms. We encourage marketers to take advantage of the chance to market on these digital forums by tying them to our Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Noida.

Frequently Asked Questions

All social media platforms serve a different purpose, so we as the Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Noida recommend you to make the presence of your brand on the following platforms:
  •   Facebook
  •   Instagram
  •   Twitter
  •   Linkedin
  •   Pinterest
There are several Social Media Marketing Agency Noida but if you are asking for the best one, we recommend you to choose Rankarts. We are well known for customer satisfaction and quality services among our clients.
The answer is straightforward. Tie your brand page to our Social Media Company In Noida, Rankarts. Our experienced firm will bring more followers and improved engagement to your website.
The best frequency for posting content on social media is something that only experts can find out. So you must link your brand to an SMO Marketing Company In Noida.
First, we will suggest you use proper Instagram marketing strategies for your brand’s Instagram account. But if you are still not able to improve its reach then you must hire our best Social Media Marketing Agency In Noida, Rankarts.
Yes, here are a few strategies that you could use for your brand account:
  •   Set goals before establishing social media handles.
  •   Create engaging social content
  •   Make your brand’s social presence as soon as possible.
  •   Lastly, and most importantly hire the Best Social Media Agency In Noida, Rankarts.

Take Your marketing up With Rankarts

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Rankarts is a full-service Internet marketing and SEO firm that provides unique marketing solutions to mid-to-large-sized organizations all over the world. Rankarts is the guide to your brand’s success.

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