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Social Media Marketing and Business Statistics

  •   To boost sales, 81 percent of businesses employ social media publishing/analytics solutions.
  •   The industry-wide average for Twitter engagement rate per Tweet is 0.045 percent. For the past three years, this figure has remained constant.
  •    Instagram is the most significant social media channel for influencer marketing, according to 90% of marketers.
  •   Over 3.6 billion individuals use social media globally, with that number expected to rise to 4.41 billion by 2025.
Know Your Goals
When we initiate anything new, the first and foremost thing is to set goals. Define your goals around specific actions, like I want people to reach my website or I want to sell these products in this specific month. Define your goals to yourself, set deadlines for them before you seek the help of the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Delhi.
    Go into depth and ask yourself these questions to know your business better:
  •   What are you hoping to accomplish through this business?
  •   What sets you apart from other businesses?
  •   How does your business makes difference in the market?
  •   How many reaches do you expect per month?
Marketing with social media marketing: How You Can Reach Your Goals?
    Link your brand to the profound Social Media Agency In Delhi, of course the only one Rankarts and let the world know your brand’s story. Here are a few objectives of our Social Media Marketing Company In Delhi:
  •    Enhance communication with your ideal audience
  •    Heightened your brand
  •   Become the leading company of your niche
  •    Reach out to the global audience
  • Marketing on social media platforms has made our life way easier. You no longer have to face the hassle of moving around promoting your brands, unlike traditional marketing ways. We at Rankrts, an SMO Company In Delhi assist you to get new customers on an everyday basis.

Why RankArt

Rankarts emphasizes tested and analyzed methods that will help you increase revenue. Our Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi NCR mainly focuses on delivering more accurate and approaching content for your target customers.

100% Client Satisfaction

We ensure 100% client satisfaction at the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Delhi. Rankarts is an expert organization that understands how to keep on top of Google's ever-changing algorithm. We guarantee that our SMO Company in Delhi will never let you down in terms of service.

On-time Delivery

One of the most major issues that businesses face is on-time delivery, but not with our Facebook Marketing Company In Delhi. Our clients' deadlines are met, and the product is delivered on time.

Consistent Reports

The Rankarts team is renowned for its reliability. When you sign up for Social Media Agency In Delhi, you can rest assured that your projects will be accurate and consistent.

Services We Provide

Rankarts, a leading and the Best Social Media Company In Delhi, offers the following major services.

Instagram marketing

Our Instagram Marketing Company In Delhi is a powerful tool for B2B marketers. It provides you with several opportunities for making new connections in almost any and every industry. It is a gold mine for business owners with almost 600 million users. You can connect with your current customers as well as the prospectus.

Facebook Marketing

As per the recent survey, Facebook had the largest user base with 2.6 billion users worldwide. The audience of Facebook is spread across many demographics. The diversity of the platforms makes it useful for all businesses for driving the desired audience. Connect your brand to our Facebook Marketing Company Delhi.

Linkedin and Quora marketing

Linkedin and Quora are both self-serve platforms that allow all types of businesses to advertise their products and services. Many search engines show results from Quora and Linkedin on the t search engine results page. Connecting your brand to our Best Social Media Marketing Company In Delhi NCR gives you the assurity of driving long-term high-quality traffic.

Google Ads

Google Ads are worthwhile for all sizes of businesses, small, medium, and large. Our Social Media Advertising Agency In Delhi creates a free website for your company, with no additional charges to promote your brand through Google Ads.

Our Achievements

Rankarts is the powerhouse of social media marketing. Being the Best Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi, we believe that marketing strategies should be tailored to the unique needs of each business. We understand that for B2C marketing, Facebook is essential, while LinkedIn is essential for B2B marketing.

44 %
Increased sales
68 %
conversion rate
56 %
repeated customers
40,000 +
active users

Our Projects

Better client satisfaction

Social media platforms are a valuable tool for communicating to your ideal audience. The customers appreciate it if you reply to their comments and queries and try to resolve them. Give us a chance to serve you as the Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi and build better client satisfaction.

Promote products with no bar

Social Media works 24x7 towards your brand promotion. So if you link your brand to social media accounts, your brand will surely be benefited in many ways, one of them being promoting it with no time restriction. Visit our Instagram Marketing Company In Delhi, Rankarts to know all about promotions through the social media platform.

Increase engagement

The social media platform is a great way of increasing engagement on your main website. The more you communicate, the more relatable your brand seems to the customers and hence more conversion rates. Allow our Top Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi to assist you to increase the engagement at your website.

Networking and partnerships

At the Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi, we enable your brand to form several connections to customers as well as business owners. These virtual networks can lead to great future opportunities.

Build brand awareness

When your brand has several social media handles, it becomes easier for the customers to find and connect with you. Make sure your brand is highlighted in users’ feeds by using our Best Media Marketing Agency In Delhi.

Enhanced SEO Ranking

Search Engine Rankings are critical for attracting a larger audience to your brand. According to social media statistics, 58 percent of marketers have seen higher search engine rankings as a result of using social media platforms.

Customer Review

Rahul Dev

Everyone I've met at Rankarts has been tremendously helpful, leveraging their knowledge to drown out the noise and chart a clear route to a successful digital marketing strategy. They are great partners since their crew is competent, responsive, and devoted to supporting our efforts.


Our visibility and inbound lead generation have risen by over 300 percent because of Rankarts. This Best Social Media Marketing In Delhi crew is highly efficient and works as an extension of our team, providing real-time stats that clearly indicate the consistent value they provide to our company.

Payal Rajpoot

Rankarts Your group is great. I just wanted to send you a little message to express my gratitude for all of your assistance this morning. Your team is outstanding, and they were extremely accommodating! Congratulations to everyone, and please accept my heartfelt gratitude.

Ishan malviya

Rankarts is a noteworthy and top-rated social media marketing firm in Delhi. They have a team of top-notch experts that are among the hardest working, most creative, and innovative people we've ever worked with. They know what they're doing and have consistently generated fantastic results for us over the last year. Their services come highly recommended by me.

Aarti Shukla

We've worked with this Instagram Marketing Agency Delhi NCR for a year and have been impressed with their professionalism, relationship management, and, most importantly, campaign management. We collaborate closely with Rankarts' team to achieve our goals and objectives, and we are able to produce 40% of our leads through Google (paid and organic efforts) each year while keeping our CPL low.

Why social media marketing ?

Why Social Media Marketing?

  •   On social media, about 80% of businesses publish mostly unique content.
  •   Engagement (36%) and conversion rates (36%) are the most significant indicators for businesses (35 percent).
  •   B2C businesses (58%) value social media more than B2B businesses (46 percent).
  •   The following are the most significant social media challenges:
    • Lacking sufficient human and financial resources (26 percent)
    • Due to a lack of a formal strategy (24 percent)
    • Creating a community of influencers and followers (24 percent)

The statistics alone justify the importance of social media marketing these days. The use of social media in today’s society has become necessary on daily basis. People use social media for sharing information, news, products and services, and other entertainment posts. Utilize Social Media Management Company In Delhi and communicate with potential customers locally and worldwide regarding your products and services. You can also use this valuable tool for building business relationships with other marketers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, Sir/ Ma’am We are thrilled to inform you that you can now connect to Rankarts, the Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi via contact number and email. We can even set up a meeting for your startup if you require.
Social Media Marketing Companies In Delhi NCR manages your social media handles appropriately using verified resources which helps increase followers.
Our SMM Company In Delhi uses proper hashtags on each platform and publishes only optimized content to make your brand visible in relevant audiences’ feeds.
You must invest in our Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi NCR to enjoy great revenues, higher profit margins, huge traffic and to get new customers every day.
No, the cost of our Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi is quite affordable.

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