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Social Media Marketing and Business Statistics

  •   Consumers will follow a brand to learn about new products or services 57% of the time, and 47% will follow to keep up with corporate news.
  •   The use of content creation, collaboration, and workflow tools increased from 48% in 2019 to 58% in 2020.
  •   After following a brand page on social media :
    • 91%% of the consumer will visit the brand’s official website or app
    • 89% will purchase items from the brand
    • 85% will recommend the brand to their family or friends.
Know Your Goals
Starting a business without knowing your own objectives is like walking on a road with no endpoint. You are just moving with the flow but you are clueless about the destination which causes unnecessary burnouts. There will come a point when you will no longer enjoy this journey without a destination. You need to know the objectives of your own business before you approach the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Bangalore.
    Go into depth and ask yourself these questions to know your business better:
  •   How many customers can you handle per month?
  •   What is your marketing strategy?
  •   Do you think you can be patient throughout the process?
  •   How does your business benefits customers?
Marketing with Social Media: How You Can Reach Your Goals
    Achieve all your marketing goals by connecting your brand to our Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore. Learn more about our SMM objectives here:
  •    Raise profit margins
  •    Increase brand visibility
  •   Get new customers every day
  •   Multiply conversion rate
  • The global competition continues to affect profit margins and companies are constantly looking for the Best SMM Company In Bangalore to maximize their customers’ reach at an affordable cost. Connect to the Best Social Media Marketing In Bangalore, Rankarts. Our organization focuses on analyzing sales through different regions of the country in order to achieve marketing goals.

Why RankArt

Rankarts being the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Bangalore, offer social media services, search engine services, web development, website designing, and more so. Being the Best SMM Agency In Bangalore we are well-known for driving the highest leads for clients through social media marketing.

100% Client Satisfaction

We ensure 100% client satisfaction at the Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore. Rankarts is an expert organization that understands how to keep on top of Google's ever-changing algorithm. We guarantee that our Social Media Optimization Company in Bangalore will never let you down in terms of service.

On-time Delivery

One of the most major issues that businesses face is on-time delivery, but not with our Facebook Marketing Agency In Bangalore. Our clients' deadlines are met, and the product is delivered on time.

Consistent Reports

The Rankarts team is renowned for its reliability. When you sign up for SMM Agency In Bangalore, you can rest assured that your projects will be accurate and consistent.

Services We Provide

Our company, Rankarts, is a top-rated Best Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore that provides these major four services.

Instagram marketing

Every year approximately 130 million people engage with Instagram’s shopping content. Instagram provides an amazing platform to showcase your products and services on social media. Being one of the Top Social Media Marketing Companies In Bangalore, we can convert your business profile to post eye-catching creative content to attract more users.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a well-known platform among all of us not just for entertainment but for business as well. You can distribute your brand’s helpful and quality content with users to engage them on the main website. Facebook features let businesses identify themselves by free services like sharing links, images, and posts on the relevant pages and groups. Apart from this Facebook ads play a very major role create a success story for a brand. Hire our Facebook Marketing Agency In Bangalore to make the best use of its features.

Linkedin and Quora marketing

Using Linkedin and Quora marketing provides your brand with lots of benefits such as establishing thought leadership, driving high-quality traffic, create brand awareness. The content plays a major role among both the social media marketing platforms. You can either target your questions to a specific Linkedin or Quora audience or answer their questions to interact with the audience. Our Social Media Marketing Services In Bangalore will assist you in all if you link your brand to rankarts now. And of course expertise are the pillars why we are rated as the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Bangalore.

Google Ads

Google Ads work effectively for small to big enterprises. Google ads are a great way to get more sales, increase brand awareness, more user engagement, and hence boost up profit margins. Our SMO Services In Bangalore is everything your business requires to explode in the market.

Our Achievements

Rankarts, as the Best Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore provides its expertise in various business niches to all the marketers. Our SMO Company In Bangalore has considerably helped many brands through its accurate marketing strategy. We are one of the certified and Top Social Media Marketing Companies In Bangalore.

44 %
Increased sales
68 %
conversion rate
56 %
repeated customers
40,000 +
active users

Our Projects

Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

Social Media Marketing benefits each business in various ways. Just like, more than 50% of business have seen a boost in their search engine rankings after using social media marketing. So, not only leads, even though social media marketing also benefits you in your organic marketing as well.

Healthier client satisfaction

Social media networks personalize your brand by including social media handles. When customers receive responses to their comments or direct messages, they appreciate your brand. Customers will have a better experience if you communicate with them.

Sell products with no bar

Social media promotes and sells your brand 24x7. So, if you attach your business to social media accounts, your brand will undoubtedly benefit in a variety of ways, one of which is unrestricted promotion. Visit Rankarts, Social Media Agency In Bangalore to learn more about promotions on the social media platform.

Build brand awareness

Using social media networks, you can raise brand exposure across the country and beyond.

Increase engagement

Linking your company's website to our Social Media Marketing In Bangalore can help you build your business. You can use social media to establish a large user base and engage them on your primary website.

Networking and partnerships

We assist your brand to build many interactions with customers and business owners at the Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore. These virtual networks have the potential to open up a lot of doors in the future.

Customer Review

Rahul Dev

Rankarts tracks and analyses metrics and statistics to show us what's going on across all platforms. I speak with the social media staff on a weekly basis, and they are really personable and have taken the time to learn about our business, mission, and goals. I genuinely rate Rankarts as the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Bangalore.


Without the help of Rankarts, we would not have been able to achieve the level of success we have on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Rankarts is the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore we have worked with so far. They are fantastic at suggesting content, posting consistently, and monitoring and responding to social media inquiries.

Payal Rajpoot

Rankarts has a team of skilled professionals on board. They manage all of my social media marketing needs, giving me more time and energy to focus on my business. Web designers, SEO / SEM managers, PPC specialists, and others make up my dedicated team. At least for our organization this is the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Bangalore which can be recommended to everyone.

Ishan malviya

The team of this Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Banglore is extremely responsive. They helped my business in the hardest time. And thanks to their strategic plannings my brand is leading in its niche.

Aarti Shukla

I have no words to say except go grab the opportunity of associating your brand to Rankarts. This is probably the Best Social Media Marketing Company In Banglore.

Why social media marketing ?

Why Social Media Marketing?

  •   People who are the most creative and imaginative - They are experts in their field and have continuously given outstanding outcomes for us over the years. Their services come highly recommended by me.
  •   Consumers discover new brands on social media in 55% of situations.
  •   In the previous year, 43% of consumers expanded their use of social media to discover new items.
  •   After having a favorable experience with a company on social media, 78% of consumers are willing to buy from them.
  •   Consumers agree that social media allows them to communicate with brands and businesses, with 68% agreeing.

Brands often underestimate the great power of social media services but we hope the above-mentioned statics were able to bring new perspectives regarding Social Media Marketing Services In Bangalore. The growth of social media platforms is predicted to grow more among audiences in the upcoming years. With our services, your brand will not only get more exposure but also more loyalty and love from customers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our Social Media Marketing In Bangalore does not cost much, it is affordable for all ranges of enterprises, from small to large.
    Our Social media Agency In Bangalore, Rankarts offers the following services:
  •   Profile management
  •   Creating and publishing optimized content
  •   Website development
  •   Track insights of your business profile
  •   Generate new leads
  •   Affordability
  •   Increased Interaction
  •   High-profit margins
  •   Rapid growth in conversion rate
  •   Facebook
  •   Linkedin
  •   Twitter
  •   Tik-Tok
  •   Instagram
If you are looking for Best SMM Agency In Bangalore then you must book a call with our Social Media Marketing Company In Bangalore, rankarts.
Well, if you want to grow the customer and revenue numbers, then we suggest you must invest in our Best SMM Company In Bangalore.

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