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Digital platforms and business statistics

“Rankarts” The Best Digital Marketing Agency In Noida allows even the smallest business to interact with the wider world. Isn’t it exciting that you can create a dynamic online presence and establish a dialogue with your target audience via social networking websites? Yes, it is. We have gathered statistics over the past few years from our data experts to illustrate the impact of social media on the world of business.

  •    There are more than 3.5 million active users of social media. And 75% of them, who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to their friends and family.
  •    According to 90% of marketers, their Digital Marketing efforts have increased the exposure of their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic.
  •    77.6% of small businesses report promoting their businesses using Digital Marketing. (Facebook and Content curation has been the most popular platform).
Know Your Goals
Creating Digital Marketing campaigns or working with a Best Digital Marketing Company In Noida can be a daunting task without knowing the business's goals and social media strategies. Because starting marketing without knowing your marketing goals is like leaving for a journey without a destination, you will have fun but you will reach nowhere. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you dive into Digital Marketing:
  •    What does Digital Marketing help you accomplish?
  •    Who is your target audience?
  •    do you want your Digital Marketing campaign to impact your audience?
  •    How can you reach your target audience?
Marketing with Digital Marketing: How You Can Reach Your Goals
    Utilizing our Top Digital Marketing Company In Noida can help you achieve the following Digital Marketing goals.
  •    Increase website traffic
  •    Generate leads
  •    Raising brand awareness
  •    Getting feedbacks
  •    Improving communication with your key audience.
  • Interact with our Best Digital Marketing Company In Noida now, and achieve every other marketing goal on your list!

Why RankArts

With Rankarts, businesses can scale their online marketing strategies across multiple channels to generate more revenue, faster than other Digital Marketing Agencies in Noida, without cutting corners.

These are some ways businesses can benefit from Rankarts, the Best Digital Marketing Agency In Noida:

100% Client Satisfaction

Our Top Digital Marketing Agency In Noida meet every requirement of every customer. We provide technical support, competence, communication with our clients promptly, and other countless services.

On-time Delivery

rankarts never fails its clients. On our platform, we promise you would not face deadline issues. Your content will be timely delivered with our Best Digital Marketing Company In Noida.

Consistent Reports

you can trust our team with consistent reporting. We promise to adhere to your project accurately and consistently.

Services We Provide

Rankarts, an innovative and the Best Digital Marketing Company In Noida, offers these four main services.

Instagram Marketing

After Facebook, Instagram is the second most popular social media platform. Over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories users are using the famous visual-first social media platform. Instagram Checkout is an exciting new tool that will do more than just accommodate the growing demand for goods shopping on Instagram. On average, 200 million Instagram users view one business profile per day. Our Best Digital Agency In Noida follows a set schedule for posting your content consistently. This helps ensure reaching new customers each day.

Facebook Marketing

Every month, 2.7 billion individuals log on to Facebook to interact with friends and family and learn about things that interest them. Find new clients and cultivate long-term connections with them. Rankarts, one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency In Noida, designs Facebook ad formats and pages to capture attention and prompt action. In addition, we are known for leveraging Facebook's key features such as right targeting, ad formats, messaging, and many more. Rankarts is designed to help you with the marketing aspect of your brand.

Linkedin and Quora Marketing

When thinking about social media platforms to use for business, Linkedin and Quora are the last places people think about. Sure, the monthly active user of them is considerably low in the world of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But the audience here is one of the most lucrative ones. We as an established Top Digital Marketing Company Noida, are well aware of such facts. In addition, our Best Digital Marketing Agency Noida supports sponsored updates, which are a great method to promote thought-leadership content that is relevant to the target audience and includes a strong call to action.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a Google-created web-based advertising platform where publicists pay to display brief ads, administration contributions, item postings, or recordings to online users. This strategy can advertise your brand on both non-search sites, as leads and convert your prospects into customers - local or national. To get started, just connect your brand with our Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida.

Our Achievements

Rankarts is a top-performing and of course the Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida. We offer cutting-edge brand strategies, websites, applications, and results-driven marketing campaigns for mid-size and large organizations that seek high results and top-notch service.

44 %
Increased sales
68 %
conversion rate
56 %
repeated customers
40,000 +
active users

Our Projects

How Does Digital Marketing Help ?

Assign your brand to the Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Noida and watch how quickly the reach increases.

Develop Leads
Loyalty is the key to success
Authenticate your brand
Expand your audience
Promote Your Content
Watch out for your competition

Assign your brand to the Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Noida and watch how quickly the reach increases.

Develop Leads

Social selling enables professionals to convert potential leads into actual customers. It has become such an important benefit of social media that many platforms specifically offer advertisements for lead generation.

Authenticate your brand

Digital Marketing platforms enable professionals to authenticate their brand in such a cost-effective way. Through this opportunity, you can build trust with potential customers, partners and employees. Brand authenticity encourages friends and family members to recommend your website to each other.

Expand your audience

Around 4.48 billion individuals used Digital Marketing in 2021. By leveraging social media, you not only gain access to the largest audience on the internet but also gain insights into their likes and dislikes. Associate with our well-known firm that provides the Best Digital Marketing In Noida and grows the audience for your company.

Promote Your Content

Using Digital Marketing to promote your content is a terrific method to get your smart, well-researched information in front of the consumers. Furthermore, demonstrating the knowledge can expand your following. You can maximize the benefits of social media with the help of our Best Content Marketing Company In Noida.

Watch out for your competition

Digital Marketing allows you to know what people are saying about your competitors. Watching out for your competitors may reveal the pitfalls of their products. Thus, you can target the pain points of your competitors and win new customers.

Loyalty is the key to success

Customer loyalty is a win-win situation. As digital marketing helps you build a presence among the socially active audience, it also helps you the customer’s likings better. Sending personalized promotional and coupon messages can help you nurture customer relationships and create loyal customers. Using simple texts and emails to reach out to your customers will ensure your absence won't force them to turn to your competitors.

Customer Review

Thanks to the positive feedback from our clients, we are glad to say that Rankarts is one of the high-performing, top-notch Digital Marketing Services In Noida. We are extremely grateful to all of our consumers for designating us as one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Noida. Thank you for assisting us in improving. You are the most essential part of what we do. This is what our customers have to say about us.

Rahul Dev

I've worked with a lot of Digital Marketing Companies In Noida, and this one is the finest. Their knowledge and strategic thinking enabled us to significantly expand paid digital as a performance channel while meeting CPA and other objectives. I'm extremely satisfied with Rankarts and the end product's quality. This Top Digital Marketing Agency In Noida is professional, always on time, communicates effectively, and has fantastic marketing message ideas. Rankarts, thank you for your passion. I can't express my gratitude enough for your assistance with the project. You're fantastic!


Working with Rankarts to create one of the professional Digital Marketing Companies In Noida content for my fashion retail firm has been one of the Best Business moves I've made. Their entire team is extremely talented, trustworthy, and dedicated to recording and producing exceptional video content. The Best Digital Marketing Agency In Noida is Rankarts. Rankarts consistently exceeds expectations from beginning to end! They've been quite helpful in reducing our acquisition expenditures. They are always studying which channel is the most effective and where we can get the most return on each rupee spent on advertising.

Payal Rajpoot

One of the highlights of my organization's year was working with Rankarts! They have a devoted and knowledgeable team of artists and specialists who went above and above to help our fledgling non-profit. They not only created a high-quality marketing product for us, but they also gave information and recommendations for what we should do next, such as how to improve our social media and digital presence. With good humor and plenty of useful thoughts and assistance, they included us in every step of the process. Rankarts is the appropriate fit for you whether you need help and don't know where to start, or if you know precisely what you want but need the expertise to help you accomplish it. Rankarts surely is the top-notch Best Digital Marketing Company In Noida.

Ishan malviya

The team of this Best Digital Marketing Company Noida edited and produced a one-of-a-kind story that has reached thousands of viewers. I can personally attest to the fact that their effort has made a difference in people's lives. We've been quite pleased with Rankarts' depth of franchise expertise and the outcomes we've received. Our expectations were minimal, yet working with them has resulted in our Best month-over-month increases.

Aarti Shukla

As a small business, it's critical for us to maintain control over our marketing budget and maximise our return on investment. Rankarts acknowledges this need and has put together a great social media and Ppc campaign that has beyond my expectations and precisely fit the brief. I continue to use this Best Digital Marketing In Noida to manage my online marketing, and I have no reservations in recommending them.

Why Digital Marketing ?

This is why Digital Marketing may be right for your business:

  •    A whopping 77.5% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B companies acquire customers through Facebook.
  •    93% of Pinterest users plan or buy things on the site.
  •    Three out of every five Instagram users will buy something on their phones.
  •    Social media users spend 20%-40% more money with brands than other customers.
  •    Marketing professionals report 74% increased engagement with targeted personalization.
  •    Four-out-of-ten consumers say they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands regularly.
  •    71% of consumers who have had a positive social media experience are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.

2020 brought several changes in our lives, to be more specific professional lives. We made Zoom our default meeting room, and webinars became regular-based events. The most significant change, though, was how social media became the go-to platform for learning, finding new job prospects, and growing our organizations. It only goes to demonstrate how critical Digital Marketing is. As a result, several marketers have refocused on their Digital Marketing strategy. Therefore, In today's marketplace, consumers want to purchase from brands they like and trust.

Marketers can connect and engage potential customers wherever they are: on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, ShareASale, Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and even some of the younger platforms like TikTok. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for any type of business small to large enterprises, startups, retails, and more so. It is on a rapid rising as it provides you with numerous ways of connecting to potential customers. It offers Website Marketing, Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, SMS Messaging, etc. Depending on your requirements, Digital Marketing Agency Noida can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always answer your Questions because your happiness is something that matters the most

Digital Marketing is also known as online marketing that uses email, web-based advertisement, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to promote brands, build target audiences, drive website traffic, and increase sales. Hence, if you want your brand to go viral, simply contact the Best Digital Marketing Agency Noida.
Here is a list of the top 10 social media platforms compared by revenue and MAU (Monthly Active Users):
Rank Social Media Platform MAU Revenue
01 Facebook 2.7 billion $86 billion
02 Youtube 2 billion $19.8 billion
03 Whatsapp 2 billion $5 billion
04 Instagram 1.16 billion $6.8 billion
05 Tiktok 689 million $35 billion
06 Snapchat 433 million $911 million
07 Reddit 430 million $ 212.5 million
08 Pinterest 416 million $ 1,693 million
09 Twitter 353 million $ 3.72 billion
10 Linkedin 310 million $8.05 billion
These statistics cannot deny the impact of social media on the public. Don't miss out on this great marketing strategy. Socialise your brand through the help of one of the Best Digital Marketing Companies In Noida
Are you thinking of starting a Digital Marketing campaign? No worries. Reach out to Rankarts, a highly reputable Best Digital Marketing Company In Noida. We promise to help your brand reach global heights.
Here are a few Digital Marketing examples. We hope these examples inspire you to connect your brand to our Best Digital Marketing Company In Noida.
  •    Vogue India
  •    Cafe Coffee day
  •    Zomato India
  •    Netflix India
  •    Nykaa
  •    KFC India
  •    Vicks
  •    Rajasthan Tourism
A Digital Agency In Noida plays many roles depending on the size of your agency. Here are some commonly found roles of such agencies:
  •    Social Media Marketing
  •    Search Engine Marketing
  •    Email Marketing
  • t
  •    Online Advertisements
  •    Content curation
  •    Online Branding
Businesses use digital marketing to increase brand awareness, communicate product information, engage with customers, and monitor their online reputation. While digital advertising is used to market and advertise products, give discounts or promotions, and attract buying customers. Simply said, digital marketing creates a target consumer audience, and digital advertising converts that audience into customers.

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Rankarts is a full-service Internet marketing and SEO firm that provides unique marketing solutions to mid-to-large-sized organizations all over the world. Rankarts is the guide to your brand’s success.

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