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Digital Marketing and Business Statistics

  •   According to Internet Live Stats, the average number of people who use Google on any given day is 77,000. This translates to at least 2 trillion searches within a year.
  •   In 2018, at least 281 billion emails were sent and received each day and the figures are estimated to increase to 347 billion by 2022.
  •   3.2 billion social media users every day and each user follows at least one business page.
  •   Almost 98% of sales representatives with over 5,000 LinkedIn connections find that they can exceed or achieve their quotas easily now.
  •   Over 74% of companies surveyed already have a website personalization program in place.
  •   In three to five years, 39 percent of CEOs believe their organizations have seen the biggest benefit from digital transformation activities.
Know Your Goals
So you are ready for a more processed approach in your marketing strategy, right? Well, we suggest that before you contact any Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore, you must know what are the main objectives that you want to reach. Your objectives regarding the marketing strategy must be clear before you seek the help of the Top Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore.
    There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before diving into the Best Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore
  •   What can you accomplish through Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore?
  •   Who are your competitors?
  •   How many new customers are you aiming to get per month?
  •   Which are some marketing strategies to follow when collaborating with a Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore?
Marketing with Digital Media: How You Can Reach Your Goals
    Considering we are the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, we must tell you about the perks of working with us:
  •    Save time and extra expenditure on marketing
  •    Connect with more customers online
  •    Get new customers every month
  •    Local as well as global reach
  • Scaling a personalization strategy is hampered by lack of expertise (37%), limited functionality (36%), and lack of time (35%). To make sure your brand does not fall under this survey, associate your brand with our Top Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore. This is your sign to choose Rankarts, the Best Digital Marketing Agency Bangalore. Assign your brand to our digital marketing experts and we guarantee you visible results.

Why RankArt

Rankarts offers digital businesses turnkey solutions. We provide branding and awareness campaigns for all types of enterprises. Rankarts is ranked as the Best Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore for offering SEO, PPC, CRO, SEM, Content curation, Analytics, and some other services. To schedule a consultation with our Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore, please contact us directly.

100% Client Satisfaction

At the Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore, we guarantee your complete client fulfillment. As an experienced firm, Rankarts knows how to stay on top of google's constantly changing algorithm. We assure you that only our Top Marketing Companies In Bangalore can satisfy all your requirements.

On-time Delivery

On-time delivery is one of the most significant challenges that businesses confront, but not with our Best Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore. We adhere to our client’s deadlines and ensure that their product is delivered on time.

Consistent Reports

Rankarts team is well known for its consistency. So when you sign up to Digital Marketing Agency For Startups In Bangalore, be sure of your project accuracy and consistency.

Services We Provide

The top-performing and ruling Digital Marketing Company Bangalore, Rankarts provides these major 4 services. Kindly help yourself.

Instagram Marketing

If you connect your brand to Instagram through our Digital Marketing Company Bangalore, the growth in your audience is up from here. Rankarts assure you that. If you still have second thoughts regarding it, you must listen to the numbers and metrics then. 72% of Instagram users have purchased at least one product they came across on Instagram. The engagement rate of Instagram is higher than any other platform be it likes, comments, or shares. We recommend every business must associate their brand to our Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore to ensure their brand recognition.

Facebook Marketing

We all are using Facebook these days, aren’t we? And we all come across the brands and business pages, right? Well, that is the power of Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing will display all relevant brand pages in your feed if you're looking for a particular product over a search engine. If you are starting a page from scratch and are not educated about Facebook marketing, you will have a hard time running your page. That's why you need to invest in our Digital Marketing Services In Bangalore.

Linkedin & Quora Marketing

When we think of social media, Linkedin and Quora are the last ones on everyone’s list. But the metrics reveal the contrary. Linkedin and Quora are estimated advertising revenue of $42 billion. Google ads have shown the maximum rate of conversion. Around 2 million sites are involved with Google Ads. Well, the plus point is our Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore has ample expertise who work towards your project and highlight it in users’ feeds. The expertise at the Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore monitors and evaluates the google algorithms and works accordingly.

Google Ads

Google ads have shown the maximum rate of conversion. Around 2 million sites are involved with Google Ads. Well, the plus point is our Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore has ample expertise who work towards your project and highlight it in users’ feeds. The expertise at the Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore monitors and evaluates the google algorithms and works accordingly.

Our Achievements

Welcome to rankarts! The home of small to large enterprises, startups to retail. Our Digital Marketing Agencies In Bangalore help you unlock rapid growth across the globe. We are a team full of resourceful growth hackers, creative minds, and marketing experts. Rankarts, a Bangalore Digital Marketing Agency is a data-driven marketing agency that aims to bring a 10x return on investment.

44 %
Increased sales
68 %
conversion rate
56 %
repeated customers
40,000 +
active users

Our Projects

How Does Digital Marketing help?

From marketing to development, designing to optimizing our Digital Marketing Services In Bangalore offers services in all spectrum. Assign your project to Rankarts, and find out the drastic growth on your website.

Reduced marketing cost
Increase Revenue
Improve Business Strategy
Rank your website
Boost Sales
Develop Leads

Engage with new customers, advertise your brand promote it across the globe, and what not? Digital Marketing is a magic wand for your business! Assign all your worries to Rankarts, and notice how quickly your reach increases!

Reduced marketing cost

Digital marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of marketing. By reaching out to digital platforms such as social media, marketers can reduce marketing expenses.

Increase Revenue

Digital marketing campaigning can tailor itself in order to reach the target audience. Being the Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore we help you form a network with your target audience to maximize revenue.

Improve Business Strategy

Digital platforms, social media enables you to exchange ideas to improve the way you do business. Every Marketer Business growth.

Rank your website

By utilizing the right strategies and set of rules, digital marketing can help rank your website within a short period. Connect your brand with our Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore and achieve the best marketing outcomes.

Boost Sales

Digital platforms are becoming more essential marketing tools than any other traditional tools as the number of people utilizing social media continues to grow and sales technologies advance. Social networking is an excellent approach to attract new customers and boost sales.

Develop Leads

Digital Marketing is a huge spectrum that opens up several ways for lead generation. You can use the help of content marketing, Local SEO, Email Marketing, and more tactics for getting new leads.

Customer Review

Rahul Dev

Rankarts has continuously provided our team with results-driven support that's about all a Marketing Director can ask for from the Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore. My actions are testimony of this Top Digital Marketing Agencies In Bangalore value; I always maintain our weekly appointments, always react to their inquiries promptly, and always consider their recommendations because they have consistently produced excellent outcomes. Rankarts has been nothing but professional in all of my interactions with them, and they are invested in my success. I'm excited to continue working with this Best Digital Marketing Company Bangalore for a long time.


Our SEO has improved thanks to the efforts of the Rankarts team, and we are now seeing positive results. This Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore act as an extension of our digital marketing staff, and we've been quite pleased with their results.

Payal Rajpoot

To begin with, Rankart comes under the Best List Of Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore. SEO and PPC efforts on our behalf have resulted in significant visibility and lead generation. Aside from the deliverables, their team is always accommodating, adaptable, responsive, and thorough. It's as if we're collaborating with a partner, not a Digital Marketing Consultant In Bangalore —our successes are their successes.

Ishan malviya

Through our Adwords and remarketing campaigns, Rankarts has been vital in helping us construct an outstanding lead generation machine. Working with this Google Adwords Management Company In Bangalore has been a delight; under their direction, we've witnessed an increase in lead flow, amazing efficiency, and a very strong return on investment.

Aarti Shukla

I've so much time at this Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore, Rankarts, while working for two distinct companies and it has always been a delight. In the areas of PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Website services, they have consistently delivered exceptional results. Most importantly, this Bangalore Digital Marketing Agency works in tandem with my marketing team to provide the amount of communication and strategy that enables us to regularly reach our marketing goals.

Why Digital Marketing?

The marketing environment is evolving and ever-changing, with new trends, technologies, and methods emerging all the time. Vendors must know that their traffic has shifted to digital media over the past years. The way business is done nowadays is critical and most importantly online. To stay up to date with new developments in the marketing industry digital marketing is required. If you are looking for help, do not fritter away your time, visit rankarts, one of the best Digital Marketing Consultant In Bangalore. We follow the leading path of the metrics and statistics to keep your work on top of google.

    Businesses can benefit from Digital Marketing in the following ways:
  •    69% of marketers invested in SEO in 2021.
  •    After social media, the website is the second most popular marketing channel.
  •    Using smart keywords is the top SEO approach, according to 71% of marketers.
  •   Blogging is effective for 56 percent of marketers who use it, and 10 percent claim it produces the best return on investment.
  •   Content marketing is used by 82 percent of marketers.

Approximately 64% of marketers believe that digital marketing is an effective investment after observing results on their website. This is s because digital marketing connects a business with its customer more efficiently. With digital marketing, you can market your brand even in your sleep. Yes, it is true, because digital marketing connects ideal customers when they are on social media platforms, Google, or whatever digital marketing platform they are using. We are ranked as the Best Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore that offers SEO, SEM, PPC, CPM Rankarts advise all businesses and startups to avail the help of our Digital Marketing Company Bangalore to achieve their marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we talk in terms of standard definition, B2B is Business-to-business sales and purchase, while B2C is business-to-consumer marketing. B2B and B2C markets primarily differ in terms of audiences. Generally, B2B digital marketing targets individuals in their professional role, while B2C digital marketing targets consumers' personal lives. You will be glad to know that our Digital Marketing Agencies In Bangalore provides both services, you just need to connect with us.
If you are planning to start digital marketing for your business we recommend you take our Top Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore into account.
The following are some of the most popular platforms for the promotion of your brand offered by our Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore:
  •   Facebook
  •   Twitter
  •   Instagramorganizations,
  •   Linkedin
  •   Pinterest
  •   Quora
  •   Pinterest
Content marketing is a strategic technique followed by brands to attract, engage and preserve an audience by creating and spreading content. Content marketing includes articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, and other relevant content. Through content marketing, our Top Marketing Companies In Bangalore promote your brand and keep your business live among the audience.
Yes, digital marketing would be beneficial to my company. Our company takes your marketing strategy to another level in order to make your business thrive. Our tactics ensure that your page ranks higher on search engines.
Our Google Adwords Management Company In Bangalore provides the following vital services:
  •   Website Development
  •   SEO & SEM
  •   Branding
  •   Google Ads
  •   Email Marketing
  •   Content Curation

Take Your marketing up With Rankarts

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Rankarts is a full-service Internet marketing and SEO firm that provides unique marketing solutions to mid-to-large-sized organizations all over the world. Rankarts is the guide to your brand’s success.

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